Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If the Shoe Fits......The Running Shoe Glass Slipper. workout shoe shopping. My best friend, Tiffany and I (T & T, yes that's us) were in search of new running shoes. Therapy at it's finest for fitness, shopoholics like us. Even my five year old daughter loves getting a new pair of shoes. With so many choices, styles, and brands how does a girl decide? Fitness industry recommendations are that you get new workout shoes every 3 months or so. Of course we just use that as an excuse to go shopping, but, honestly, it's true. If your feet start to hurt or your knees start to bother you, chances are it's time for new shoes. Trust me, I learned the hard way. I injured myself doing a long training day in an older pair of shoes 4 weeks before one of the half-marathons I was preparing for. I ended up with an illiotibial (IT) band issue. According to wikipedia, this is a common knee injury associated with running or weight lifting that causes a stinging sensation right above the knee joint and can cause pain above or below the knee. Ouch! Needless to say, I had to take some time off right before the race to let it rest. I also bought new shoes and luckily, didn't have any problems with my knee during the race.

     Tiffany, one of my besties and fellow fitness addict, has different issues when it comes to the "right" running shoe. We both wanted something fun and trendy for the summer. Neon, sweet, we'll take it, but not only does the shoe have to look good, it has to fit good. There just so happens to be a local running store that will do running evaluations to find the right shoe for your feet. Tiffany recommended we go there for advice. While I was at Soul to Sole I had a running assessment done. They pretty much told me what I already knew. I have high arches and am a pronator. I needed a support shoe that had a hard insole to support my arch to keep my feet from rolling inward. Although, there were several brands of shoes that make a support shoe, my choice... Asics. Twenty years of research and voted top shoes in America the last five years makes this shoe a definite must have. Here's my new kicks:

      Tiffany has a different issue when she runs. When she did her running evaluation she was a neutral runner. So, she always bought a structured shoe. Then she read Born to Run, about barfeoot runners. Basically, it blasts the shoe industry on all the hype, cushion, and fluff they put into shoe marketing. After reading about this, she decided to try a minimalist nuetral shoe without all the stability elements. Generally, it isn't recommended that you go from one extreme to another but hey, if the shoe fits??  Check out her top pick:

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